How To Become a Solar Advocate

Are you a solar sales pro, if so, you landed in the right spot! You know how to get leads and sell solar but keep hitting a brick wall on pricing because your installer wants all the profit. Now you can become a Solar Advocate and work on an All-in-one platform for solar pros just like you. This platform only works for those who work it, so if your self-driven to succeed it’s time to become a solar advocate and work independently!

70% of the Profit split!

No joke, POWUR provides the platform with all the tools large scale companies use. POWUR is a is a national platform used by thousands of professionals in 23 states. You get 70% of the profits working from a cost of goods basis, otherwise known as a redline cost.

Introducing POWUR

POWUR is the fastest growing solar company in the US for 4 years straight. The POWUR national solar platform brings technology, solar installation contractors, and independent solar consultants, like me, together in one place! You can do the same, by simply joining POWUR for $85 a month. A Helioscope subscription costs more than that!

Work Remotely with No Boss!

You're the one in charge, it's your business and you can run it from wherever you like. Imagine working with the same technology the large-scale solar companies use, now you can!


Are You Ready to Become an Independent Solar Consultant That Can Compete with The Big Boy Solar Companie's?

Scale Your Business To Any Size You Like!

POWUR isn't like any solar company you may have worked at! The founder and CEO of POWUR Jonathan Budd has created a dream come true platform for solar sales pro like you and I. Solar installers, products, marketing, and presentation building tools all on a single platform. POWUR provides everything you need to scale your solar business to any size you desire!


POWUR has exceeded over 1 billion dollars in sales in 2024. In addition, POWUR has exceeded over 25,000 solar installations. As a Solar Advocate consultant, you are going to have all the tools you need for success. POWUR is the ideal platform for professionals across every segment of the home solar industry.

Do You have a desire to be in the solar Industry

POWUR truly is the BEST thing that's happened to the solar industry! The unique POWUR platform provides all the tools a solar advocate needs, and everything the customer desires, form money we save them to brands we offer!

Interested in being a Solar Advocate?

Join The Solar Revolution

A Better Way to Go Solar is Your Solar Advocate!

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