The "POWUR" Ambassador Program

Your Solar Advocate is partnered with “POWUR” which does everything from A to Z for Home Solar Installations. POWUR is an online platform that brings all the experts in the solar industry together in one place. The POWUR ambassador program requires no expertise and it’s free to sign up. Once you are an ambassador, you enter your leads into POWUR‘s database, and we take it from there. Track your leads on the POWUR platform, and when solar Installation is completed, you make $1000. It’s simple, fast, and easy, and doesn’t cost a penny! Click here to sign up and start making money! POWUR is the real deal with over 25,000 solar installations exceeding 1 billion dollars in revenue!

The Ambassador Program is Ideal for the Real Estate and Service Industry, and Anybody Who Interacts with Homeowners Regularly Can Make Extra Income!

How It Works

Somebody in your daily schedule who owns a home is a potential candidate for solar energy and you refer them to Your Solar Advocate. After you make the referral, you enter it into the POWUR Platform Database and that’s it your part is done. Any homeowner you referred goes solar, after installation, you get $1000 and can track your referrals on the POWUR Platform.

Do you want to learn how home solar energy works for homeowners? We have your back with an awesome website that offers tremendous insights about home solar power, and the POWUR Platform is excellent for advancing your knowledge. The only requirement to earn $1000 guaranteed is a homeowner referred by you has Home Solar installed by POWUR. The only thing you’re selling the homeowner is the right to be contacted by Your Solar Advocate, and we do the rest.

Become a Solar Energy Ambassador and Earn Big!

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